Morocco Mood with Flea Style's Brittany Cobb

You're the queen of Marrakech and you’ve been many times. What’s getting you most excited about this trip?

I’m so excited to explore my favorite place in the world for so many reasons — the food, the people, the sensory overload, the souks! I’m also giddy to go with a group of people that I don’t know personally, but know we’re like-minded and connected by our creative and nomadic spirits. I just know connecting over culture, food and fun will be a unique twist to this trip, which in the past I’ve always taken with close loved ones.

What song should we play to get in the Moroccan mood? Movie?

Ooooh! For me, Morocco is vibrant, energetic and sexy. Any music that plays to that tune would be perfect. Movie? I always love watching Casablanca at my friend Maryam’s place in the olive orchids of Marrakech. I also think Sex and the City 2 —which takes place in Morocco a bit —is a great way to get in the Moroccan mood!


What are the travel essentials do you not leave home with out?

Moisturizer with sunscreen (I have very dry skin), a hat (or several, let’s be real), sunglasses, a crossbody bag, phone charger, adapter and cash!

Do you have a secret to shopping the Marrakech souks? They can be a bit overwhelming!

Have an open mind! They are totally overwhelming and three trips in, I still can’t figure them out. But that’s the fun of it! I love the adventure of exploring them, not knowing what’s around the corner… Some specific advice: Be ready to haggle! The first price in Marrakech is never the final price so discount their first offer by about 30% and plan to go back and forth a couple times. Also, the souks are a total sensory overload from wild cats roaming the streets to random strangers talking your ear off. Be kind but also plan to tune a lot of noise out while zeroing in on your treasures! Also, comfy flats are a MUST.

Any advice do you have for first-timers traveling to Morocco?

They use oil for just about everything in their food so your tummy might take a little time adjusting — if you know what I mean! It’s a Muslim country, so it's respectful to cover your shoulders with clothes or a shawl. If you plan to buy a lot, plan to bring the right luggage or to pay to ship via DHL or another company.

What 'of the moment’ home decor pieces should we be on the hunt for on our trip?

Morocco has really specific things it’s known for or good at producing: metal pendant lights, tea glasses and leather items to woven rugs and fabulous beaded jewelry.

What is the nightlife like in Marrakech? Is there a special spot you are dying to go back to?

My favorite evenings tend to include a fabulous (very long) several course meal topped off with drinks at a hotel (again, because it’s a Muslim country you won’t find alcohol everywhere, mostly at more international places) and usually great music and even belly dancers! La Mamounia is legendary and definitely a must-see as is El Fenn. Comptoir Darna has a really fun live belly dancing show and it has a real scene if you want that experience!

Any places — new and old — that are on your Morocco shortlist?

There are so many classics! The YSL museum and Majorelle gardens, the souks, La Mamounia…. But some of my favorite places are the really intimate riads. I love Riad Idra! I also love a hammam experience, preferably in a small setting versus the huge ones most people go to. Riad Idra actually has one on site for up to two people only and it’s one of my favorite Moroccan experiences ever.

Taylor Madison