Mexico City with Floral Extraordinaire Patricio Rivera

You put together the most beautiful a floral class on our rooftop patio in Mexico City! What was it like seeing everyone’s creations coming to life?

It was so emotional for me. I felt like everybody next to me became a reflection for my eyes. I felt like everything next to me was made from my eyes. I felt like a father, leading by example, creating and showing.

All the florals came from the incredible Jamaica Mercado. What was that like?

First, I was beyond excited to be there. As I walked into it I got more excited because I saw things I’ve never seen before. One of the most humbling things was seeing people working so hard for little to nothing, with pride. Hearing people talk in my native language grounded me. I felt at home. 

If Mexico city was a flower, what would it be?

A Bougainvillea. Because of its traditional look and way of growing. The range of color it can produce represents culture of different areas of Mexico City. Free form at its best!

How has Mexico City inspired your designs?

It reminded me that when things are done right, they don’t have to be done again. It inspired me to create on a more precise level. I feel like awakening never ends.  

What’s the driving force behind your success?

The idea of creating opportunity sounds inspiring to me. The rest just falls into place.

We saw a few of Luis Barragán’s most famous works while in Mexico City. How does your craft as a florist resonate with his belief in Emotional Architecture?

The opportunity to be there and to experience his work in person told me a story that needed no words because of a powerful unspoken drive.

What’s your short list for a friend spending 36 hours in mexico city? 

Look for authentic places. Don’t do tourist things. Bring the right people with you. Get into mezcal and tequila.

What role does travel play in your life?

A very important role. Being exposed to other cultures will only keep me inspired and growing.

Taylor Madison